Artist's impression of catamaran

The Fiordland Link route starts at Queenstown with a catamaran trip across Lake Wakatipu to Mt Nicholas.

Artist's impression of ATV coach

From there All Terrain Vehicles (ie ATV coaches with big tyres) travel up the Von River Valley over into the Mavora Valley to a new terminus at Kiwiburn.

Artist's impression of monorail

From Kiwiburn the monorail starts its journey into the bush, travelling over a saddle into the Whitestone Valley and then up the Finger and along the creek into the Upukerora Valley. ItĀ travelsĀ along the Upukerora River flats, crossing the river 3 times, passing the entrance to Dunton Swamp, then goes back into the bush in front of Takaro Lodge and on towards Retford Stream and Te Anau Downs Farm. The terminus is at Te Anau Downs beside Lake Te Anau, where passengers will meet coaches to take them down to Milford Sound.

Route description with aerial photos

Route maps

Satellite images


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